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  • From: Jamie Todd <jamietodd@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 13:55:16 -0500

i think someone was asking how to recover lost e-mail. here's some
info. ( got it from kim komando newsletter ):
Open Outlook Express and click File>>Import>>Messages. 
Select Microsoft
Outlook Express 4. Click Next. The files' location should 
be shown.
Click Next and the files should be imported.

If Windows cannot find the files, you'll have to track them 
You can do it. Just pretend you're trying to find a 
treasure, which
you are!

First, go to Windows Explorer. Click Tools>>Find>>Files or 
Click in the Name & Location box and enter "*.dbx" without 
the quotes.
Look In should be C:\.

Search for the dbx files, which are your Outlook Express 
files. They
will be listed in the bottom portion of the Find window.

Press Windows+D to go to the desktop (the Windows key is 
next to Ctrl
on the bottom left). Right-click an unoccupied area and 
New>>Folder. Name the new folder Mail. Place it on the 
desktop. Go back
to the Find window and click the first .dbx file. Hold down 
the shift
key and click the last one. All of the files should be 
Press Ctrl+C to copy the files.

Press Windows+D to return to the desktop. Double-click the 
Mail folder.
Press Ctrl+V to paste the files into the Mail folder. If it 
asks if you
want to override files, click Yes to All.

Open Outlook Express and do the import process as before. 
But this
time, click Browse. Click Desktop and find the Mail folder. 
Click Next
and import the files.

Anyone using Windows 98 should update to the latest version 
of Internet
Explorer. Continuing to use the old editions is suicidal. 
You will
certainly be attacked, if you have not been already. 
Running outdated
software is very dangerous.

To update, open Internet Explorer. Click Tools>>Windows 
Update. Let
Microsoft scan your computer. Download everything under 
Updates and Service Packs.

And if you need help getting backup religion, click the 
link below.
It's a free backup program for Outlook Express.

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