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  • Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 19:22:38 -0700

From what you say, a fresh install of Win98
would be a wise move.

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> IOW, hypothetically, if enough stuff was deleted from the registry that
> the pc wouldn't be bootable, it would boot anyways, from a backup?  So
> long as Chernobyl or whatever doesn't erase the whole thing, I'd be
> alright then?  
> BTW, I've got another question from an earlier topic.  My Notebook
> function is dead from a wrong uninstall of metapad.  Goofed it up so
> totally, nothing anyone has suggested helps.  It's really dead.  I had
> to reassociate all notepad files with Wordpad.  Would it help if I
> reinstalled Win98?  I could then easily follow that with the DirectX8
> and all the Win98 updates I've downloaded and saved in a separate
> folder.  

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