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  • Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 17:56:27 +0000

It's absolutely true that images or any other intellectual property need not 
be marked as copyrighted to be copyrighted.

I am a big, big believer in respecting intellectual property. However... this 
response is a bit Draconian.

If you simply save and print the picture for you own personal use, there is no 
infringement. That's the basic equivilent of, say, clipping a picture out of 
the newspaper and saving it in a folder. It's "fair use". As long as you don't 
display it in a public setting, there isn't a problem.

It's when you take the picture and put it on your own web site (with or 
without an acknowledgement), or otherwise display the image in a public 
setting, that you start getting into trouble.



> Every image or article need not be marked as copyright protected.
> Anything that is published on a website becomes copyright protected
> unless otherwise stated that it is free for the public to copy. Most
> websites will have a terms and conditions to cover all their policies
> and other legal issues. If the site doesnt have one then email the
> admin or managers of the site and seek permission to copy the images
> if it is allowed ofcourse. If they do not allow then you will be doing
> at your own risk of facing legal action and claims for damages.
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