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First of all, I have a Dell i8600 laptop. I got it November last year. I du=
al boot with WinXP Home and Linux. I've never run into any of the problems =
you have mentioned. I did, however, have to restore my winXP system a coupl=
e of times due to a problem that occurred from repartitioning with a non st=
andard partitioning tool. Linux continued to run fine throughout the ordeal=
. I did lose all of my data that was in my winXP partition, but I had backu=
ps. The restore went smoothly each time. I even restored SP2 each time. I'm=
 not sure why you're having the problems you 've run into. Do you have the =
latest BIOS for your system? You can download the install/upgrade program f=
ree from Dell. Sometimes that can be the source of odd problems. Since I us=
e V-coms system suite, I just disabled SP2's AV program and firewall. Some =
of the hard drive activity can come from constant AV checks. If your comput=
er still works, turn those two things off and see what happens. You migt wa=
nt to get off line when you check.

Best of luck -- d=20

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Greetings Folks:

My hard disk began acting up after I installed MS SP2 over an OEM WINXP=20
Home operating system. The installation is on a Dell Dimension 4600.
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