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  • From: 0e60wq102@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  • Date: 25 Jul 2004 03:49:30 -0000

I got an email bounce that says I have a worm virus called Worm.SomeFool.Gen-1. 
I don't recall recently sending to that email address, perhaps I replied to 
someone. Could the virus be spoofing my email address and not be on my machine 
at all, or if it's real, how would I go after this. My AVG gave no alarm. 
Wouldn't it catch something like this? Would anyone like to see the entire 
bounce? It deleted the body of the mssg, which presumably contained active 
content (if any).

BTW, I'm sending this from a web-based email server, and deleted most of the 
content, so this post should be safe.



Our content checker found
    virus: Worm.SomeFool.Gen-1
in email presumably from you ((my email address)), to the following recipient:
-> ((another email address))

Please check your system for viruses,
or ask your system administrator to do so.

Delivery of the email was stopped!
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