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  • Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 23:01:24 -0600


Hello Bobbie,

It does sound like the the computer is not recognizing the sound card. You=
 may be able to remove the sound card from the Device Manager (right-click=
 MyComputer, select properties, device manager) and reboot which should=
 force the computer to reinstall the drivers. You may need the Windows95=
 disk, the sound card drivers disk, or both.

Most sound cards can be recognized by the number and style of ports on the=
 back. Most sound cards incorporate a joystick/midi port (midi stands for=
 musical instrument device interface, and with the proper hook-up hardware=
 you can connect musical instruments to the computer through this port to=
 record live performances on the computer... but most people use it as a=
 joystick port, if at all). This looks similar to a serial port, a small=
 (approx 3/4 inch) wide and lop-sided oval shaped port with two rows of=
 connector holes. In addition, there will be at least two and possibly as=
 many as five standard miniplug ports, usually 1/8", designed to accept=
 standard miniplugs like can be found on speakers and headphones.=
 Internally, most sound cards will have a relatively large number of=
 capacitors (barrel-shaped electronic components, usually colored blue or=
 blue-gray) mounted on the card as compared to other cards. Also=
 internally, most sound cards will have one and possibly up to three=
 connectors that look like IDE ports, the ports on the motherboard that=
 your hard drives connect to. The sound card should have at least one set=
 of "headers", or connectors with two or three (normally three) metal=
 prongs, usually with a black plastic backstop, to which CD/DVD drives are=
 connected. Finally, many sound cards will have at least one empty socket,=
 normally square but possibly rectangular, which is where the user can=
 install add-on sound chips (which usually only professional musicians or=
 serious music hobbyists ever get).



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On 01/11/2003 at 11:22 PM Bobbie wrote:
>We are trying to get my old computer working so my granddaughter can use
>it when she is here.  It was in the closet for about 1 1/2 years.  It is a
>Royal (bad choice!) Win95....32 MB ram....300 mhz system.  We took the
>speakers off my new computer (I got the new ones!!) and put them on the
>old one.  We cannot get any sound.  In "my computer".....control
>panel.....sounds....there is nothing for "properties".  No sounds come
>from it at all.  We are going to take it apart tomorrow and check to make
>sure all parts are in there tight.  Is there something else we can check. 
>We have put the speaker plug in every available spot in the back of the
>computer....we hear static when we do but still no sound from the computer
>itself.  If the sound card is bad, what do we look for....have no idea
>what a sound card looks like.

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