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We are trying to get my old computer working so my granddaughter can use =
it when she is here.  It was in the closet for about 1 1/2 years.  It is =
a Royal (bad choice!) Win95....32 MB ram....300 mhz system.  We took the =
speakers off my new computer (I got the new ones!!) and put them on the =
old one.  We cannot get any sound.  In "my computer".....control =
panel.....sounds....there is nothing for "properties".  No sounds come =
from it at all.  We are going to take it apart tomorrow and check to =
make sure all parts are in there tight.  Is there something else we can =
check.  We have put the speaker plug in every available spot in the back =
of the computer....we hear static when we do but still no sound from the =
computer itself.  If the sound card is bad, what do we look for....have =
no idea what a sound card looks like.

Thanks for this and all the fantastic advice you all give to us "more =
computer challenged" folks.


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