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  • From: our kitty <sweetiepie@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 08:57:12 -0500

There is a new Ad-Aware (and also a new Ad-Aware Updater) out, which is
incompatible with earlier versions, and the earlier versions no longer
give updates.  

To get the new Ad-Aware;

You have to download a new Ad-Aware file and a new RefUpdate.

On the web page; http://www.lavasoftusa.com/downloads.html

...you need to click on "Ad-aware 5.62 Final 834 kb", and although it
says "5.62", the file in the download window is not numbered, but the
unpacked program will
be 5.80.  

...you also will need to download the new RefUpdate file (to a slightly
differently named folder).  The same web page shows "RefUpdate 1.2 for
Ad-aware 396kb".  This is the one you want.  Again, the file in the
download window is not numbered, but in this case, the unpacked program
will be RefUpdate version 2.0, which is the new one.    

So in other words, the new updated downloads have the old version
numbers at the web page, but when you download them, you get the new

Both are new downloads that are incompatible with earlier versions of
Ad-aware & RefUpdate.  

Also, please be aware that in the Ad-Aware readme.txt file, it says;

"Some advertising systems GENERALLY need two passes to get completely
removed from your system."  

After all that bother, it is rewarding to have Ad-Aware run
automatically at boot and find and delete various spyware entries in
your machine every so often.  I once ran an earlier update, and on the
next scan, Ad-Aware found 221 spyware entries and deleted them all.  

Another beautiful program is SurfinGuard Pro, also freeware.  It works
just fine for me on the maximum security setting, but can be set for
lower levels.  It stops anything that tries to download and
I would give the home web page to SurfinGuard Pro, but my local isp,
NexTech in Hill City, Kansas, keeps trying to bounce me off the internet
every five seconds with repeated Password Entry Dialogue pop-up windows,
which has been going on for several months now.  Every time it pops up,
I click on Enter to get it off, and type a few words of an email, then
five or ten seconds later it pops up and I have to do it again.  I'm
doing it right now (click-type-click-type-click-type... ... ...). 
Sometimes it even makes my computer lock up and even hitting
ctrl-alt-delete won't unlock it, and I have to hit the ultimate button,
"OFF", and completely reboot.  So let's get this little note off and
I'll bid you all a good day, and shut down until the next time.  Oh my,
now it's coming in multiple strings at one second intervals. 


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