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Sorry, I've never been a Netscape fan.  I've tried it in the past at
least once on each version up to ver 6 and I've always found it slower
then IE.  I do like Internet Explorer but I also find myself getting
bored with it and I also like the idea of tabbed windows since I open
lots of windows when I am browsing.  My most recent find that I like
very much is the Avant browser.  You can look at it at:


It uses the IE rendering engine but has some pretty nifty features like
a pop up stopper, tabbed pages, built in google search as default,
ability to create and save groups of sites. Etc. etc.  Free app with NO
built in spyware or advertising.  I know it does not fix your problem,
but perhaps it will by giving you an alternative that you may like...


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When surfing the web with my old computer, each page
I load, loads more slowly.
This just started about 2 weeks ago.
After surfing for about 30 minutes, it can take over
10 minutes to load 1 page.

I tried I E explorer and didn't have this problem.

Any ideas anyone???

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