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  • Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 23:46:32 -0400 (EDT)


Not all external modems are serial-connected, as you mention later.  The
problem was not with soft modems as much as with Winmodems.  That has
since changed.

Editors can be easy or hard.  For new people to linux, I would recommend
Pico.  People usually build Linux boxes thinking forward, not towards the

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On Tue, 24 Sep 2002, Ray wrote:

> The last time I read a Linux site about modems it was my understanding
> that a serial port was too slow to support a soft modem therefore an
> external modem that used a serial port almost certainly was a hard
> modem.
> The article went on to say a USB modem in some cases might be a soft
> modem. The article didn't say but I assume it was the increased speed of
> USB. I'd guess if that's true USB2 and Firewire could be either.
> I have read how to articles on setting up a soft modem for Linux and
> like most Linux how-to's I have read they seem to start in the middle.
> Never tell you how you get the file in the editor or how you actually
> use the editor or how you actually do the things they tell you to do.
> You spend days doing searches on terms like "comment out" but never find
> something that tells you how to actually do it. OK sorry for the rant
> <G> but that's why I think a hard modem is just easier to use. Plug it
> in and it works.
> I have also noticed that cheap computers that come with Linux usually
> have just an Ethernet card, no dialup modem but cheap computers with
> Windows usually have a dialup modem. Again pure guessing but I always
> figured that was because it was harder and/or more expensive to put a
> dialup modem in a Linux machine.
> P.S. I am not anti-Linux. I like Linux ....well maybe not Slackware but
> Caldera, Redhat, and Mandrake are good. <G>

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