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 Thanks. So = far no luck finding uninstall instructions on the Internet. 
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I think you are going to need to do a manual uninstall of b= oth Nero and EZ
CD Creator to clean it out of the registry. I suspect E= Z CD creator did
automatically remove everything and something is ha= nging around in there
stopping it from working. Check the websites of b= oth pieces of software
search their support are to see if they have = manual uninstall
If things worked just before your uninsta= ll of EZ software and have not
worked since, then your issue points much= more towards software then it
hardware. I have not read back in t= his to see what your OS is, but if you
are using Windows XP you could ma= ke this a lot easier by using System
Restore if you have a restore point= dated prior to your first uninstall of
EZ and install of Nero.


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You said in your previous messa= ge that the CD drives appear on boot. I
missed that. It indicates that a= cable is probably not the problem.

What version of Windows? It migh= t be a Windows driver that's hosed too. Or
you can try booting to the Wi= ndows CD, since the drives are available to
hardware just not to Win= dows, and reinstalling/repairing Windows, which
might fix the problem.
I'm leaving town for the rest of the weekend shortly, so if someone e= lse
any suggestions...


Saturday, October 30, 2= 004, 10:47:56 AM, you wrote:
0sc> I did reinstall Nero.The cd player= s were working before when it
0sc> was easycd creator, but nero wante= d that removed to avoid conflict.
0sc> Now there's no cd player in My= Computer, and no way to use a cd player
to correct the problem.
0sc&= gt; I can make that hard drive slave to another if there's any way to
0s= c> use anotherhard drive to help fix the problem?

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