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  • From: Ron Allen <chizotz@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "0e60wq102@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 03:43:32 -0500

First, three definitions and some background: ASPI (pronounced with a long A 
followed by
"sappy") is an acronym for "Advanced SCSI Programming Interface". SCSI
(pronounced "scuzzy") is an acronym for "Small Computer System
Interface". IDE, in context with SCSI, stands for "Integrated Drive
Electronics"; it can also stand for "Integrated Development
Environment", which describes a software authoring system where the
language and compiler are tied together, along with a code editor and
other tools, in a single integrated program. Perhaps you already know
some or all of this, but I'm sure many on this list do not... and for
some reason I'm in my educator mode this morning :)

Now, ASPI is a "software layer" -- basically a program similar in many
ways to a driver -- that sits between certain programs and certain
hardware and lets those programs and hardware "talk" to each other.

SCSI does indeed primarily refer to a type of hardware, especially
mass storage devices, that is relatively uncommon (mainly because of
the higher cost as compared to IDE devices, which is what most of us
probably have). But the SCSI standard refers not just to hardware but
also the software interface. To make a long story short, you can have
a SCSI software layer to communicate with IDE devices. This especially
applies to CD-ROM drives, I believe because the first CD-ROM drives
were SCSI devices (I may be wrong, or at least making the explanation
too simple, on that point). Anyway...

You mention Nero. Nero is one software package that uses a SCSI layer
to communicate with IDE devices. So even though you may not have SCSI
hardware in your system, if you have Nero installed then you do have
ASAPI installed and will see references to a SCIS adapter which is
Nero's way of connecting to your IDE CD burner.

I would try reinstalling Nero before pulling the machine apart and
replacing cables, which is inconvenient at best and can be somewhat
expensive if you need to buy new cables. That might solve your
problem. If you have installed Nero's InCD software, and your ASPI
installations is hosed, that could account for the error conditions on
the drives. On the other hand, I'd say that you're correct that a damaged
IDE cable could also be the culprit and if a reinstall of Nero doesn't
work then that's the next thing to try.

Hope that helps.


0sc> in my other pc, both of my cd players suddenly appear on
0sc> boot, but not in My Computer in Desktop. When I try to click on
0sc> Nero, the message says: "The Win-ASPI file '?.?' can't be found.
0sc> Check for correct Windows ASPI Manager installation of your
0sc> SCSI-Host Adapter Software. Error 16: No adapters."

0sc> This pc has no SCSI stuff in in that I know of. I don't now
0sc> what the ASPI file is all about.

0sc> The cd players were visible in My Computer before, but then
0sc> I ran a HD backup in which I had to push the HD out and in
0sc> several times past several cables. Could it be a loose or damaged
0sc> cable like an IDE cable? The fittings all seem tight.

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