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  • From: "Christy" <snowz@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 12:05:02 -0400

Good morning

This post was completely unwarranted!

It is common courtesy to supply a direct link to an
item referenced to help others find the same thing.
Using random searches one could end up at a site that
is Not the original site and/or a site that is
malicious in nature.

It doesn't hurt to help others out by providing the
original link to the information instead of smart
answers where you end up helping No one!

I am requesting an End to this Flaming portion of
this thread.  Posts on this topic that are
constructive in nature are more then welcomed

24hoursupport moderator

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On 5/13/02 at 7:22 AM John Doe wrote:

>well garsh ron, I mean like how many resources on
the web are there anyway?
>do you know how to use a search engine?
>695 hits.
>20 hits
>Can't you do your own dirty work? You expect
everyone to do it all for you?

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