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  • From: "Douglas O." <dsoliver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 04 May 2003 22:31:11 -0700


I've been using Linux since 1998. I started with RedHat 5, and 
have gone through 5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 6.2, 7.2, and now 8.0. Much has 
changed in these few years. I currently multi boot to Linux RH 8, 
Slackware 8.1, and Windows 98se. RedHat does a very good job of 
detecting hardware and with plug-n-play. Although some folks have 
been able to work around the winmodem problem, I would recommend 
using a hardware modem or pcmcia modem if you can. I use a Zoom 
Fax PCI modem.

RedHat 8 works quite well as it comes. You can get it from 
Cheapbytes for just a few dollars, or you can pick up a book like 
  RedHat Linux 8 the Complete Reference (dvd edition) for under 
$50 for a complete distro and good hard copy info. I have only 
seen Mandrake not owned it. If you choose to use the GUI like 
most people, you'll probably start with Gnome or KDE. All distros 
are just about the same once you're there. I just set up an old 
Toshiba 105c with Slackware and only around 500mb disk space. I 
am not using the GUI options so I can fit on some of the text 
based programs I like. I have a Panasonic ToughBook with a 6Gb 
hard drive. I dual boot that to win98se and RedHat 8 with full 
GUI capabilities. In all cases I am how using the free OpenOffice 
1.3, which is mostly compatible with MSOffice. I use it in win98 
and Linux.

If you're a gamer, stay away from Linux for now. Hardcore games 
are slow in coming to Linux. I do have flight simulators and a 
bunch of other programs to run in X (the GUI).

Although you could run Linux on a 386, I would recommend having 
at least a PII or an AMD Duron or Athlon of some sort. Current 
versions of Linux run with most hardware, though you may have to 
play around with some of the settings. Load windows first and 
then Linux. You can then use the settings in the windows control 
panel to set up difficult hardware in Linux.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun and good luck. -- d

Mike wrote:

> I have not tried Linux, but I think Ron did a couple of years back.
> I'm sure others will speak up who have experience with it.
> Mike

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