[24hoursupport] Re: history-web bug?

  • From: "Mike" <mikebike@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 04 May 2003 18:49:07 -0700


Hi Gimpy,
I think you are right about the Java scripts.
Lots of times the pages and banners are pop-unders

I have not tried Linux, but I think Ron did a couple of years back.
I'm sure others will speak up who have experience with it.
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On 04/05/2003 at 9:26 PM gimpy wrote:

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the reply. I usually surf with all java turned
off, this seems to stop pop-ups. When researching cars,
I had to turn on java to get some pages to load, all the 
pages I saw had to do with cars, there were no pages that
only had to do with ads, interest, insurance etc., 
This is my first time to use I E Explorer, just getting
used to it.

BTW, My newer computer broke. When I get it fixed, I will
be back to using Mandrake, Was using Mandrake 8.1, Anyone
have any comments about 8.1, 8.2, 9.0, 9.1???
I usually only use the computer for plain text mail, listen
to 1 radio show, and do research when I want to learn about
a something.
Thanks again,

> Hi Gimpy,
> as it is showing in your history I suspect it may have opened.
> Do you have any kind of pop-up blocking or a modified "Host
> file" bo block
> the ads?
> Mike

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