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spider, i`ll look into this right now, thanks for your help, i`ll let you
know how it works out

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add me if you want
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> Turbodog,
> Based on your description of the model, this is what I think you have:
> http://wwss1pro.compaq.com/support/reference_library/viewreferencelibrar
> y.asp?countrycode=1000&catid=763&famid=2033&prodid=2220|Presario%20700xx
> If that is not your model then go to the support home and look it up.  I
> think you can enter a serial number to insure you are getting the
> correct model.  The page above has links to quick reference guides and
> maintenance manuals.  You should be able to look up how to remove the
> hard drive and re-seat it.  Also see if you can find how to enter the
> BIOS and see if you have an auto detect option.  You may have just lost
> the BIOS settings.  How old is this laptop?  Be careful about how much
> you do on your own, you may still have a warranty on it.  The same link
> above will lead you to how to contact tech support.  You might want to
> call them to see if they can help you out with this.
> Spider
> Largo, Florida 33771
> http://web.tampabay.rr.com/spider1
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> Hello, i have a little problem i was hoping someone here could help me
> with.
> Compaq 705US laptop computer
> 20gb hard drive
> 256 mb ram
> 1000Mhz AMD athlon 4
> win xp home
> This is my father`s computer. He restarted it, and when it came back on,
> there was an error message. "operating system not found" after trying to
> start from a boot disk, and even trying to reinstall the operating
> system, i came to notice that the hard drive is not being recognised. I
> tried to open the case to see if maybe the hard drive cable had come
> loose (I`ve never worked on laptops before, only desktop computers) but
> after removing all of the visible screws on the bottom, the case would
> not open. I did not want to try to force it, so i decided to come here
> to ask people with more experience what i should do, and what you think
> the problem may be. I sure would appreciate any help. Thank you very
> much

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