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Sorry folks, I've found about 4 or 5 messages sitting on Yahoo for a few
days that I did not catch.  I am forwarding them now.  Better late then

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Date: Mon Apr 29, 2002 5:59am 
Subject: RE: [24hrsupporthelpdesk] Re: formating harddrive  

Is there any chance you had disk compression enabled? How did you create
D:\ partion, using fDisk, or some other utility?

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Hi john thank you. I went ahead and formated my cdrive but now I'm 
having trouble installing windows again. 

I'm upgrading my computer so I went from an IWILL with a 400 ghz 
processor to now a MSI with a AMD XP processor. 

I have a Win95 CD that I'm bringing up to an upgrade to Win98. 

When I installed win95 it tells me that "setup found a compressed 
volume or a disk-cashe utility on your computer, quit setup and 
remove... I think it said to remove the device. 

I went ahead and installed win95 but it wouldn't boot so I went ahead 
and installed win98 which gave me the same error, I was figuring it 
was talking about the d drive that is on there. 

I'm now getting the messages when I start my computer that there is 
no array and that windows isn't finding a ton of DLL's. 

Any idea on what is going on???

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