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Sorry folks, I've found about 4 or 5 messages sitting on Yahoo for a few
days that I did not catch.  I am forwarding them now.  Better late then

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Date: Sun Apr 28, 2002 11:05am 
Subject: Re: [24hrsupporthelpdesk] formating harddrive  

No. That's the purpose of a partition. Protects against crashes and
other failures.
What I do is create a partition and put nothing but the OS stuff on it.
Mine is winME.
Any installed programs go on another partition.  I've also found out
that you don't necessarily need to reinstall some programs once you do a
reformat. Just surf to the EXE file, click and go.
Others you need to.

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  I was wondering if I wanted to wipe out my c drive and reinstall 
  windows, will this effect my d drive that I created out of my c 
  drive? It's a partition I created to store my mp3's and I would hate 
  to loose this.


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