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In a message dated 1/27/05 10:47:30 PM Central Standard Time, 
Franciscus.Lim@xxxxxxx writes:

<< From the beginning I don't like to purchase online.
 With this experience, I'm preety sure won't use my credit card online. >>

    I can't say whether or not it's true, but some of the experts on
this sort of thing tell us that it's safer to use a credit card on-line,
than to use it by telephone (where you have to tell them your
credit card number over the phone). Supposedly, with eBay or
PayPal, that sort of info is encrypted, while it is going across the
Internet. Of course, that wouldn't
keep a dishonest employee of one of those parties from finding a
way to access those numbers in house, but you could have that
sort of problem however you use your credit card. Gary
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