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A couple of weeks ago, I signed up to eBay using my American Express.
After two days, I received a telephone call from American Express Customer
Service, told me that someone had been trying charge to my AMEX credit card.
And they believe it's carding. They suggest to me to block the credit cards
and they will send me new credit cards.

From the beginning I don't like to purchase online.
With this experience, I'm preety sure won't use my credit card online.

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PayPal just sent me a notice that "I just added someone with an email suffix
of @yahoo.com" to my paypal account. I wrote them back I did no such thing.
I've heard bad stories about PayPal and resisted joining for years. Can this
'yahoo' party access my bank account? My bank says I can reverse any charge
within 90 days afterwards, but maybe I should cancel my PayPal? If it
happened once, seems like it could happen again. I mean, I have *no* idea
how that got on my account, and I checked my account status and there's no
record of that email being in my records. This is way creepy to me.



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