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A partial answer to my own question of getting a good digital photo result, 
seems worth passing on. For brevity, references will be omitted.

For your money's worth, a webcam gives lowest resolution. 

A little better is a 35 mm camera, a one-time use camera works well, then 
getting the film developed, and then scanning it at high resolution, and 
resampling/resizing it down, which gives a smaller and more manageable kilobyte 
file size, but maintains sharpness, detail, and clarity.

The best result, is a portrait studio which can take the picture at their lab 
and produce a top quality 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" negative, and a notebook paper size 
color print for $10 per print, and they can also send it out to have it 
professionally scanned, for $10 per photo cd, with resolution 4 to 5 times 
better than the 35 mm camera.

Related to all this; people shopping for a smaller LCD screen suitable for use 
in a vehicle, who are told it is, say, 600 by 800 resolution, should be aware 
that this is sometimes misleadingly advertised in pixels per inch, or ppi. The 
trick of it is, it takes three pixels, one each of red, green, and blue, to 
make up one screen 'dot'. It may be called a dot, or it may be something else. 
But the point is, the true resolution, then, is one-third of 600 x 800, or 200 
by 266, which is not so great.

That was why I was so anxious to learn the correlation between a webcam rez 
rating, a printer dpi rating, and a webcam pixels per inch rating.

But if you want great prints and superior digital photo results for one print 
for a professional project, like I am doing, for equivalent money spent, my 
choice is the portrait studio as the best way to go, then next best is a 35 mm 
camera and film, together with a scanner, and least advisable would be the 

That's as much as I've found out, and others may have more options or 
clarifications I'm not aware of, but which I would be happy to learn about. 
Individual results may vary.

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Okay, I think I've got a simplified remake of my last question; what webcam 
pixel ppi resolution would be equivalent to 600 dpi in say a scanner or gif pc 
image file?

IOW, would a webcam at 600 x 600 ppi, equal 600 dpi? Or what would be the 
webcam ppi equivalent of 600 dpi?

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