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  • From: "Mike" <mikebike@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 15:45:03 -0800

Hi frank,
Have you tried to open the file by single clicking on it to highlight it
then clicking 
File> Open  
I don't think the .url should be part of the filename you are trying to open
if you have downloaded it.
If it is an exe file you need to have the    .  in front of the exe as that
is what tells Windows it is an executable file.
Is the file located in your C drive in Downloads?
Make sure the path is correct, sometime Windows will try to open a folder
via an incorrect path.

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On 31/10/2003 at 6:53 AM Frank wrote:

Having problems installing downloaded program. Alway place downloads
into download folder & then scan for viruses.  When I double click on
this file (labeled w32-412.exe on windows explorer) instead of being
installed I get this message:

cannot find the file'C\downloads\w32-412.a.exe.url' or one of its

dont understand why it says...the period between the 2 and a  and
...url since it is not part of file name shown in explorer

when I try add programs in control panel i get the message denied
access to w32-412.a.exe.url
if I remove the extra period between the 2 and a and remove the .url=20
so the name as shown on explorer is reflected I get message that it
cannot find the file

what should I do?


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