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 Personally I think the problem lies in the modems being incompatible.  My
guess is your modem is not compatible with the modem at that ISP.  It would
be considered software related as the problem probably lies in the
initialization strings, or the modem settings.  Look through the properties
of your dial up connection.  See if you have Flow Control, Error Control, or
Modem Compression turned on.  If so, try tweaking those settings.  As for
the init string, your ISP should be able to help you tweak that.


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Have two ISPS.
One all is well.  Other I can always connect to their server but can go no
farther than getting connected 90% of the time.  This is true using my
alternate computer too.  I do not get disconnected, just cannot get to any
website using Netscape, Explorer, or Opera. Also cannot access email account
nor news groups using Forte Agent nor Netscape. About 10% of the time I am
successful with this ISP and always successful with other.  Were it not for
the fact of 100% success with one ISP & 10% success with other I would
something either software or hardware on my end.   With the facts
as I have reported it seems to me it must be a server problem on the
other end.  Am I correct...if not...any suggestions?   Also may be
relevant that problem isp has gone from five possible dialup numbers to only

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