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Of all the things that you are vulnerable to on the Internet these days,
cookies would have to rank at the bottom of the list.  They generally are
not harmful and in most cases are actually helpful in websites that you
visit frequently.  They have the ability to let you customize the look of a
website and "remember" your settings each time you visit.  IMHO the best
setting for IE in Tools / Internet Options on the privacy tab is to choose
"Custom" settings.  Over ride IE's cookie handling and set it to accept 1st
party cookies and block 3rd party cookies.  Third party cookies are where
you will get most of the tracking cookies that are detected by
spybot/ad-aware scans.  My favorite free software for controlling cookies is
called Cookie Wall by Analog X.  You can get it here:
http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/network/cookie.htm  I just let it
run on startup and occasionally open it up and look at the cookies it
gathers.  If they are sites I visit regularly I move them to the right side
and keep them.  If they are obvious advertising type of cookies I move them
to the left to block them.  I simply delete all others occasionally.  I like
it because it allows me to purge my system of most cookies without having to
delete the ones I know I want.


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Everytime I use IE and surf, I end up with cookies with my first initial and
last name on them. I want to anonymize this. Where do I find this entry in
my pc and change it to a meaningless ID? I am running Windows 98.

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