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This appears to allow you to access DOS in ME:
(I don't have ME, so I can't help you with
implementing this.)

THEN, you can use my Temp Int Files bug fix,
which will also eliminate those files AVG sees:
Print this to remind you until it becomes
second nature.

There is a bug in ALL versions
of IE that allows a huge cache build-up that cannot
be cleared by usual means.  (I got a M$ guy finally
have to admit to the "possibility" of this bug after a
2-hour phone call about 3 years ago.  They, of
course, have never done anything to fix it.)
To prove this: within IE, Tools > Internet Options >
Delete Files > OK.  Think your cache is clear?
Navigate to the Temp. Internet Folder.  Check the
Properties. What does it say for volume?

OK -- here's how to clear out this bogus shit (which
ALWAYS builds up -- so this procedure must be done

1-Determine whether your Temp. Int. Folder resides in
the Windows or in Local Settings folder.  Do the standard
"Delete Files" procedure for IE I indicated above.  YOU

2-Go into DOS mode (not a DOS window).

3-At the C PROMPT, type (no quotes)
   "cd windows" <enter>
   if Temp Int folder is in Windows
   -- or, type
   "cd windows\locals~1" <enter>
   if Temp Int folder is in Local Settings folder.

4-Type "deltree tempor~1" <enter>"
    It will ask to confirm deletion of folder, etc.
    Type "Y" <enter>

5-The Hard Drive will grind until the Temp Int folder
   holding the otherwise undeletable data is broken
   down and deleted.  Depending on how many MB
   and speed of CPU, this could take quite awhile.
   On reboot, a new Temp Int folder will be built.

6-When it's done, at the prompt, type "win" <enter>
   to return to Windows.

Now, after the first time doing this, BEFORE opening IE,
go back to the Temp Int Folder and recheck Properties.
It will now say something to the affect of 32KB, 6 Folders,
depending on the system.  This means you are clear as
you can and need to be.  Now, go ahead and use IE a little
bit, then do the "Delete Files" thing again.  Then check
Temp Int folder for properties to confirm the buggy buildup
has started again!

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From: "Bobbie" <bobbiet@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Please tell me - step by step - how to get rid of the temp internet files 
> that I cannot get to easily on ME.
I know you'll have discussed this but you also said that ME doesn't have DOS 
that's easily accessible or not
at all.
> As I watch AVG scan, I can see loads of these files and I really would like 
> to dump them!!
> Thanks bunches,
> Bobbie

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