[24hoursupport] camera or web cam?

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  • Date: 26 Sep 2004 00:56:54 -0000

I need a good quality high resolution color picture to make a computer file of, 
for a project.

The artwork needs acceptable resolution, and I know I can get acceptable 
quality with a 35 mm camera, using old fashioned film that is developed at the 
photo lab, giving me 5 inch prints, then run through a desktop pc scanner at 
600 dpi, and create the pc file. Then I can use Paint Shop Pro to resize down 
to whatever kb file size I need.

On the other hand, a web cam by Creative Labs gives 1024 x 768 pixels for 
stills. Is this comperable in resolution or quality to what I would get as 
described above, using the 35 mm camera, film, and pc scanner?

The thing is, if the web cam is comperable, it will pay for itself over time 
and give infinite photos, compared to the one-time expense of doing camera film 
each time. So I'd like to go with the web cam, but only if the quality is good 

Or what resolution in a web cam would anyone recommend? The Creative Labs web 
cam is $45, which is about the limit of my budget on this.
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