[24hoursupport] Re: browser settings for various browsers

  • From: Ray <Ray2047@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2004 19:41:15 -0500

Out of curiosity I checked the page in Opera and it does 
work in Opera. It also worked first try in IE. In Mozilla 
the homepage displayed but I got server error messages 
when trying links.

I ran it through an online validator and only came up with 
a few errors. All related to frames. It might not be that 
hard for him to change.

The errors were:


line #9: unknown attribute "FRAMESPACING" for element 
line #9: unknown attribute "BORDER" for element <FRAMESET>.
line #9: unknown attribute "FRAMEBORDER" for element 
line #10: unknown attribute "TARGET" for element <FRAME>.

I'm a bit puzzled why any of those would cause the problem 
but I'm no HTML expert.

Douglas S. Oliver wrote:
> Thanks for the reply Fuzzy, but like I said, IE didn't go to those sites at 
> first. I played around with the settings for a while before it worked, just 
> don't know what I did. I'm not alone failing to get there with IE on a PC and 
> Mac (osX). The author of the web pages, sadly, doesn't see a problem here. 
> Says it's too much work to change everything and begin using a different 
> authoring program for the benefit of a few. If you have visited the website, 
> you can see the amount of work needed to change everything. You or I could do 
> it with a little effort, but for an Emertus professor in his 70s, it seems a 
> bit too much. It was really an inquery for myself as a Linux + Mozilla user. 
> For a couple of years I've heard and read that, "it only works with IE", with 
> no explanation. Now I'm slowly beginning to understand--late as usual!
> Thanks again -- d
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> IE is written to ignore Internet standards.
> The correct thing to do is have him fix his webpages to be correct.
> Fuzzy
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