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Here's my take on what is going on.  Since no one has access to really good
information about the inner workings of Yahoo Groups and how the many
different ISP's handle their mail we can only guess.

My opinion is that this random inexplainable failure to deliver messages is
directly related to the SPAM problem.  Anyone running a mail service (ISP's)
these days are forced to use some type of software SPAM control or run the
risk of having their servers brought down by the volume of SPAM.

These SPAM filters are varied and configurable many different ways.  Most of
them include a monitor of the sending domain and have triggers built in to
auto-block a domain when large numbers of messages start coming in from that
domain.  This threshold will vary from ISP to ISP.  Once the trigger fires,
it can re-act many different ways.

Considering that Yahoo Groups is large, and during a busy period might send
out lots of email, I think they are triggering a SPAM response with some of
the ISP's.  The ISP may respond to the perceived SPAM attack by automaticly
bouncing the message with an "unknown recipient" message.  The intent is
that the spammer will then drop that email address from their list and
reduce the spam. Some ISP's then trigger a block of that domain.  This can
remain blocked until someone at the ISP manually releases the block, or they
might configure to block for a period of time.

This is only one of many scenarios that could cause this type of issue.
There is not an easy solution to this problem.


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Here's the thing, though...Yahoo has reported me as bouncing "unknown
recipient" on several of my email accounts, all of which are completely
valid and do not bounce from any other source.  I really do think it's Yahoo
being screwy rather than dozens of other mail servers.

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> Disagree with me if you wish.  I was merely pointing out why it happens.
> People's mailservers give incorrect responses and Yahoo! stops sending
> mail.  If I was sending several million someones a letter, and it was
> returned as "unknown recipient," I wouldn't think "hmm, it just worked
> yesterday," I would just stop sending them mail until they confirmed
> that they mailing address was correct.  It wouldn't be worth my effort
> to do anything other than that.

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