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  • Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 14:59:49 -0400

Hi Christy,
Thanks for your interest; I have spent all afternoon trying to correct this
glitch.  Yes I do have the latest version of Windows Media Player 7.1.  When
I checked some of the sites that have sample audio files, they require
quicktime or realtime as players.  Interestingly enough, when I click on the
audio file, Windows Media Player comes up instead of quicktime or realtime
players.  It seems as Windows has somehow overridden the other players.
Does that make sense to you?
Again, thanks for your help.

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> Good afternoon Lu
> I think you may have hit it with your last comment
> "Haven't made any changes to the system" ,  If I
> recall correctly (and I could be wrong)  Windows
> Media player just had an upgrade of sorts ?  Are you
> sure you currently have the latest WMP ?
> Christy
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> On 8/5/02 at 02:12 PM Lu Watson wrote:
> >Hello there,
> >
> >I have been a loyal reader of your list for a long
> time now and have never
> >had to ask for help before but my time has come.
> >
> >I am having trouble with the audio on my machine.  I
> have a 450Mhz Pentium
> >III running Windows 98.  The error message is as
> follows:
> >
> >Windows Media Player Error
> >Cannot play back the audio stream.  The audio format
> is not supported.
> >Error #8004025C.
> >
> >I can watch television on my computer.  The audio
> works there.  It doesn't
> >work on some piano sites that have sample audio
> files, such as WAV and
> >MP3's.
> >
> >I haven't made any changes to the system.  Losing
> audio happened once
> >before and my son "fiddled" around with the settings
> and made it work.  He
> >doesn't remember how he did it.  Any help would be
> very much appreciated.
> >Thanks a lot.
> >L.Watson

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