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  • Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2002 14:27:53 -0400

Good afternoon Lu

I think you may have hit it with your last comment
"Haven't made any changes to the system" ,  If I
recall correctly (and I could be wrong)  Windows
Media player just had an upgrade of sorts ?  Are you
sure you currently have the latest WMP ?


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On 8/5/02 at 02:12 PM Lu Watson wrote:

>Hello there,
>I have been a loyal reader of your list for a long
time now and have never
>had to ask for help before but my time has come.  
>I am having trouble with the audio on my machine.  I
have a 450Mhz Pentium
>III running Windows 98.  The error message is as
>Windows Media Player Error
>Cannot play back the audio stream.  The audio format
is not supported.
>Error #8004025C.
>I can watch television on my computer.  The audio
works there.  It doesn't
>work on some piano sites that have sample audio
files, such as WAV and
>I haven't made any changes to the system.  Losing
audio happened once
>before and my son "fiddled" around with the settings
and made it work.  He
>doesn't remember how he did it.  Any help would be
very much appreciated. 
>Thanks a lot.

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