[24hoursupport] Re: advice needed on replacing M/B!

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Since you didn't say I'll ask is it an exact replacement. If not are the
both the same form factor? If one is AT form factor and one ATX the power
supply connectors won't match. There are some ATX boards with both AT and
ATX power connectors but if your original mother board was AT then ATX won't

Bios is preloaded in the CMOS chip on your mother board.

If your lucky you will be able to just plug in your hard drive and be up and
running with out doing a restore.

You should not plug in all the components at once. If you use a video card
instead of an on board chip plug it in and see if the computer POSTs. (If
you have an onboard video just test to see if it POSTs) Shut down, then plug
in the Hard drive and test again. Follow that with the CD and install any
drivers that came with your mother board. (If drivers were on floppy install
that next instead.) Follow with the remainder of your hardware one at a
time. By doing this way it is slower but easier to isolate a problem.

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> I am on the way to replace my existing M/B with a newly purchased one
> are the same socket). I post this question a couple of weeks ago but have
> not receive anything. During this period of time, I have gone out for a
> business trip following a holiday with family and kids, so that I still
> had no chance to touch the desktop. I still need advice of resplce the M/B
> and I am trying my luck again. I resemble the Pt4 PC myself but not sure
> the replacement of M/B is as simple as plug-out everything of the old and
> plug-in everything to the new. I am going to back up my files for sure.
> what about other thinks such as BIOS etc those come with the old
> M/B...Anything you think you would advice me would be highly appreciated.
> Regards!
> Ewen

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