[24hoursupport] Re: active program - trying to delete in XP

  • From: "Christy" <snowz@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 08:03:54 -0400

Good morning

A couple of suggestions for you since a simple search
will not come up with the information we need.

You say it resides in the tray near the date,  Have
her  Right click on the file to see if there is any
"options"  Which might include  No auto startup
and/or an Uninstall.    This uninstall may also be
included in the startmenu if there is an entry for
this item.   You could also "try"  looking in the
windows add/remove to see if there is something
related but I doubt you will find it there.

If the program can be closed/disabled from the tray
she may be able to do a harddrive search for
something that might be related (I'm guessing it wont
be called anything recognizable).   Look for strange
named folders probably in the windows directory
and/or the program files directory.   In a suspect
folder open it to see if any of the files might be
related, or possibly a text file you can open/read to
see if it references the program in question.

Has she tried a good updated (properly configured)
antivirus scan to see if it may detect and remove it
?  If removal is not possible atleast you may get a
common name for this if its virus related so more
research can be done.

Let us know if any of that helps


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On 6/30/02 at 08:06 PM pm5954 wrote:

>A friend of mine has a laptop windows XP computer.
While surfing she
>somehow had an active program installed on her
computer called
>Animepornofantasies. She would like to remove this
from her computer but
>cannot find the file to delete it. It is on the
desktop near the date.

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