[24hoursupport] Yahoo list is being re-activated

  • From: "Spider" <spider1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "24hr Help Desk" <24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 18:58:43 -0400

I posted the following message as a special notice on the Yahoo list.

"This list is being re-activated without moderated posts.  When I
changed the list to unmoderated, it did not set those of you who are
still listed as moderated.  We will change your status to
unmoderated if one of your posts shows up as moderated.

Our trip to Freelists did not work out as well as I had intended.  I
seriously misjudged the popularity of Yahoo and the web interface.
It is much easier for most of you to use.  Freelist on the other
hand is somewhat confusing even for experienced users.  I made a
mistake and have decided to correct it.

In order to get this notice out to everyone, I set the delivery
options for everyone to Special Notices.  Please complete one step
for me to get this list back to normal operation.  Click this link:


Then click the "Edit my Membership" link in the upper right portion
of the screen.  On that screen scroll down and reset your delivery
options to what you want.

You are free to start posting here anytime you want, but please be
patient as we migrate back to Yahoo.  Answers may be slow coming
until people get their delivery options reset.

Of course if all of this moving around has upset you and you choose
to unsubscribe I certainly understand.  For those of you that stick
around I think you will see the list serve you better from Yahoo."

I will keep this list active on Freelists at least for the near future.
If it continues to get used there is no need to delete it.  Those of you
that joined us from Freelist for the first time are very welcome to use
the link above and subscribe to the list at Yahoo if you want to give it
a try.

Largo, Florida 33771

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