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Second, does anyone else have problems with the search function in
Windows Explorer? I find that it is unbearably slow and more often than
not causes Explorer to stop responding. I have a P3 1GHz with 256MB RAM,
so it should be relatively speedy, and under no circumstances should
doing a search crash Explorer. Bugs in Explorer, or something specific
to my machine?

I'll have to look into the thumbnail question and will get back to you
if I find anything that helps, but I can address the second part of your

If memory serves me, you are a user of PC-cillin.  That is what is
causing the problem.  To verify this for yourself simply turn off real
time scan and do a search.  It should fly right through normally.  Now,
to fix this so you can run real time scan and still search normally, go
into your settings for real time scan and exclude the folder
c:\windows\java.  Now test your search again.  It should respond
normally.  Looking at the effect of this you should understand that you
are not excuding this folder from regualr scans so any infected files
would get caught.  You are excluding this folder from real time meaning
that if you open a file from this folder it will not be checked for a
virus before opening.  Now, the odds of a virus getting planted in that
folder are high against it combined with the odds of you actually
opening a file from this folder makes it unlikely that this will have
any negative effects.  Trend is aware of this problem but blames it on
the nested compression that Microsoft has employed within this folder.
I don't think Trend is excited about fixing it, but you never know with
them.  They still have one of the best AV programs on the market though
and I would not dump them over this.

Largo, Florida 33771

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