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Hi Helen,
Try disabling your Anti-virus for a test.  Use Msconfig to turn it off
and reboot.  If that seems to clear things up you can try uninstalling
and re-installing your AV software.  I have not seen a Windows 9x system
for awhile and can not remember how to access System File Checker, but
if the above does not help that would be the next step.  It's under
Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools and starting up System
Information.  I think it is under the Tools menu of System Information.
You'll need your Win98 CD but run the System File Checker.

Largo, Florida 33771

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When I run msconfig I have my little internet timer running (No Frills
Timer), power saving on the screen, tweakui and a registry scan/backup
(this is a PC that was setup by my work, but after major problems with
it I re-installed Window98).  I'm usually pretty good at being able to
sort out these  kind of problems, but this one just keeps on cropping
up.  Explorer is still slow even when I have nothing else at all
running.  If I run something like memturbo or cacheman it tells me I
have around 400mg ram free and no CPU usage, hence my confusion.  I've
defragged, and at first it seemed better but now is slow again.
Everything else seems to run at normal speed. I have a lot directories
and sub-directories with many graphics files in, but I'm only using
about 7mg of the hard disk up because I frequently move stuff onto

Thanks for all the help from this wonderful group.

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