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Do you know if you have remote desktop activated?  Your description
sounds suspiciously like someone might be connected to your pc via
remote desktop.  That "computer is in use" message is one you would get
if someone were logged in and actively using the system.  It is not like
PC-anywhere that would allow you to actually see the remote control
going on.  If so, they could have accessed user manager and fixed your
user account so you could not log in.  Try booting up by holding down
the shift key and see if that gets you a login prompt where you can try
logging in as administrator.  If you can get logged in as administrator
you can then access user manager in Control Panel and reset the password
on your user account and look for other user accounts that do not belong


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Monday I was using a machine loaded with Win XP. On attempting to
shutdown, a screen appeared which said, "This computer is in use and can
only be used by CXZ35677c9g." When I entered my correct password, a
message appeared saying the entry was incorrect and that XP was saving
my settings. This small screen can be moved around the the blue Compaq
desktop background (no icons showing), but nothing happens. On shutdown
and restart, the same thing occurs. I cannot get the machine to start

Should I reformat and reinstall the OS? Can I remedy the problem short
of reinstalling?

Paul King

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