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  • From: "Ron Allen" <chizotz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 21:43:33 -0600


>My other option was to get the 250MB external zip drive.  There is a new
>750MB but it's pretty pricey IMO.  Which would be the best way to go? 
>Should I even get both?  I have enough USB ports (4).
>Thanks for your help everyone :)

Hi Lene,

I strongly urge against buying a ZIP drive. The drives themselves tend to=
 be pricey, but worse still are the ridiculous prices of the disks. If you=
 compare the per-megabyte cost of using any other form of storage I am=
 aware of to the per-megabyte cost of a ZIP disk, you'll see what I mean.

ZIP drives have a few advantages under specific circumstances. If you need=
 to share larger files with someone at a different location, as happens in=
 business often enough, then the additional expense of buying a ZIP drive=
 and disks may be the most cost-effective solution. The only case where=
 that is true is if (1) the files will fit on one ZIP disk, and (2) there=
 is no other means to get the data from one location to another,  OR (3) a=
 client has, for whatever reason, standardized on the ZIP disk and you need=
 to conform to their decision in order to keep them as a client (assuming=
 they are a good enough client to justify the expense and hassle). In all=
 other cases, it is likely more cost-effective and easier to transfer files=
 over the network or Internet, or to burn CDs which can be read on=
 virtually any standard CD-ROM drive.

I would suggest you investigate the hard drive options. I don't know what a=
 USB2 adapter costs, so that will be a factor to consider if you decide to=
 go with USB2 hardware. Ultimately, I would suggest even a USB1-based=
 external drive over a ZIP drive for every personal use I can think of.



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