[24hoursupport] Re: Will firewall be sufficient if WEP is disabled?

  • From: Fuzzy Logic <fuzzymo@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 14:42:27 -0400

Right, and people _can_ sniff anything that goes out over the radio
waves, except obviously when you are in a secure session with a
website (https).

Passphrase generation is your problem. Generate the passphrase on one
system or the other, then take the 26 digit hexadecimal number
generated and use that on the other side. The method by which the
router generates the hex value from the passphrase is almost assuredly
different from the way that windows does it.

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On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Lene <lpagsugu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I don't mind people leeching my internet, I'm mostly concerned about 
> connections from users who want to do malicious damage to my files, read 
> passwords/keylog, or render my system useless.
> Okay, so can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong that I cannot connect to the 
> Internet on my laptop?  It can find the signal, but I've tried 'detect 
> network settings' on IE, I've tried using the wizard to set up an internet 
> connection and I've restarted numerous times to try to get online.  Like I 
> said before, I set up the passphrase on the router, entered my laptop's mac 
> address as a connection that is granted access, and I've set up a profile 
> with the passphrase/SSID on my laptop to connect.
> Again, Windows XP Pro on both machines, using Netgear wireless router and 
> laptop card (802.11g).
> Thank you for your help.
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