[24hoursupport] Re: W32/Bagle-mm spreading rapidly

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I can't explain what happened to you but I do have to agree with Fuzzy on
this.  Everything I am reading put out by the virus companies state that
this virus is delivered in an attachment that has to be opened to infect the
pc.  Once infected it acts as a worm and starts spreading via email.  It
also opens up a port on the infected pc which can allow someone to connect
and do many other things.

Anyone who is presently not infected should be just fine if they update
their virus software immediately.  Also, this is a cloaking type of virus so
infected systems will send e-mails from their system but it will grab email
addresses from their address book and insert it into the from field showing
the email to be from someone else.  This means you might end up with some
undeliverable messages on emails you never sent out.


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I just know what happened to me.. I did not open it, but I did notice that
the java player I installed for my son's Palm Pilot popped up in the system
tray.. (I have a folder for the programs needed for his palm pilot, and have
turned off any unnecessary programs from my start menu..) Then the file was
sent to only one of my groups.. from my address.. and I found the 'virus'
letter with attachment in my 'attachments' folder.. I wonder if someone
found a way through my firewall..  It was really strange..  I have my
computer well protected, and kept clean.. Oh, well.. just telling you all
what happened to me..  No remnants remain.. LOL
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  I don't want to spread bad information.  Unlike some other worms, this one
  must be opened and the attachment executed to infect.


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