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I'm not sure if Trend has issued any kind of alert on PC-cillin 2000 yet or
not, so I want to post this in case anyone on the list is using this
product.  This product will appear to be working fine and auto updates are
still working but the scan engine quit updating a few versions ago.  I've
known for awhile that the scan engine for this product quit updating, but it
did continue to work properly.  Recently however, PC-cillin 2000 has failed
to identify a few of the more recent viruses.  I suspect this is because the
scan engine it is stuck at can no longer do the job.  If you or anyone you
know is still running the 2000 version of PC-cillin, it needs to be replaced
right away.  You can identify the version of PC-cillin the standard way by
clicking Help / About from within the program, or you can look at the icon
in the system tray.  If the icon has a BLUE lightning bolt then it is
version 2000 and you need to act.  If it has a RED lightning bolt then you
have either version 2002 or 2003 and do not need to worry.  To complicate
matters, if you have the 2000 version installed on Windows 2000 you will not
be able to uninstall it.  You will have to do it manually.  If you
experience this, post back here and I'll post the instructions to do so.


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