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Our favorite musical electronics supplier, American Musical Supply, phone rep 
didn't know about DBX, and their tech support staff is out for training until 
tomorrow, so I can call them back then and ask about this. He did say there 
is a company called DBX that makes various units, but he didn't know anything 
about reduction of tape hiss.
    I'm pretty sure you can actually buy a small, possibly single-space 
rack-mount unit, that does nothing BUT put DBX into and out of action.  I just 
bought a Tascam 4-track porta-studio about 2 years ago and it has DBX on it, so 
can't be that out-dated that nothing comes equipped with it anymore.

If the tape player produces the hiss from friction, then it would produce it 
on playback too?

Then I suppose the thing to do might be to get some kind of signal processor 
that would go between the tape deck and the speakers, to process the noise out.
    I think that's basically what DBX is, but in most cases it's onboard of 
whatever tape player/recorder you have.

I'll try AMS tech support tomorrow.

BTW, the Marantz has 'off-B-C' Dolby, but nothing called DBX. The Dolby 
actually removes some of the finer signal highlights and deadens the sound 
somewhat, so I never use it.
    I stopped using, too, years ago.  If you record with Dolby and playback 
without it the tape sounds twice as noisy.

But if we can figure out what to get, and use it with the Marantz, I would be 
all for it.
    Go for it, go with it, go to it, go nuts, go absolutely WILD!!!!


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