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I have several old SparQ1.0 disks and drive.

I belive they were optical disk.

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On 2/8/2005 at 5:42 PM chizotz@xxxxxxxxx wrote:


The glorified a:\ drive you saw was probably a hybrid floppy drive. For a 
short while, there were disks and drives available that had both optical
magnetic storage. The optical part, if I recall, was WORM (Write Once Read 
Many), like current CD-R technology. The magnetic part was just like floppy 
drive technology. The idea was basically that you could store some 
data "permanently" and unalterably on the disk, while maintaining the 
flexibility of also having storage on the disk that could be altered at
I may be incorrect in some particulars, I'm going by memory from many years 
ago. As I recall, those drives were never very popular because while they 
attempted to combine the best of both worlds they really ended up combining 
the worst of both worlds, and the drives and disks were expensive to boot.

As far as "disc" v. "disk", the correct spelling is disk. Technically there
no word "disc", it isn't a part of the English language. Spelling it with a
instead of a k was basically just a way of setting computer "discs" apart
other disks.

The original question about "optical disks" v. CD technology, I have no
what is being referred to as "optical disks". Optical disks are CD and DVD
far as I know.



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