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  • Date: Wed, 08 May 2002 22:20:44 -0700

Hi Michele,
the temporary internet files are cookies, emails, programs wav's and other=
 files that were downloaded.
the Temp files are files created when a program or application is=
the files are unpacked by the installer then used to install the program..
Some programs do not do a good job of Uninstalling the files after an=
If a program is saving backups, they may end up in the temp files.
Or if you are saving files without specifying the location, they may end up=
 in the temp.

The temp internet file holds a unremovable file called index.dat which=
 stores your commonly used cookies and sites.

I hope this helps.

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On 08/05/2002 at 9:56 PM michele wrote:

I have two questions about temporary files.  I use Scan Disk on a regular
basis and delete the temporary files.  What exactly are these and how do
they differ from "temporary internet files"?  I've been assuming that these
were one and the same.  However, when I used Windows Explorer to look at=
contents of the temporary internet files folder, there were 57MB of stuff=

I went to IE>Tools>Internet Options and told it to delete the temporary
files but nothing happened.  The files are still there, even after a=
What am I doing wrong?


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