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  • From: bls <brenna_99_ca@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 12:44:10 -0700 (PDT)


I can respond to part of this, anyway.  
--- michele <michele@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> C:\Windows\TEMP\Temporary Internet Files
>           Content IE5
>                       0pqvglij
>                       1jhn7eel
>                       4bbwy9yy
>                       Kdiz0p27

I don't have such a file in my windows\TEMP folder.

> C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files
>           Content IE5
>                       67bkyaed
>                       81evsta3
>                       C9qr8xu3
>                       Gpm3kdu3
>                       Idehap0I
>                       Kqu1e41q
>                       Ov4rwvgt
>                       P7sip647
>                       Sp6iahj3
>                       Vo9nvat1
>                       Wby589kz
>                       Wd2n8x2j ***
>                       Wpif0p2v
>                       X1779w1h ***
>                       Xsgcg52g
>                       Zqnrgi63

I asked about this very thing on another list, & I was
told that when I open the browser and go to
Tools-Internet Options and delete the contents of the
temporary internet folder, if I put a check in the box
in the pop up window where it asks if you want to
delete offline content, those funny-named folders full
of duplicate info will disappear.  I just did that,
and they all disappeared.  At least until I started to
use my browser again.  Now they are back, and I
checked the properties of a few of them, they were
created just now.  Deleting the offline content got
rid of about 54 MB worth of stuff for me anyway, so
you might want to give that a try. 

My son plays a lot of online games, and I think these
build up the size of the Temporary Internet folder
rather quickly.  Not to mention, I tend to get some
snarls in browser function as well.  

As for the other problems with slowdowns and such,
have you run system file checker and an updated
antivirus scan?


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