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  • Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 19:53:06 -0500

>>the temporary internet files are cookies, emails, programs wav's and
 files that were downloaded.
the Temp files are files created when a program or application is=

I guess I did know that but I'd forgotten the difference.  Those files are
making me nuts so I hope someone can help.  I'll apologize in advance for
the length of this post.

I have Win98 and IE5.  Over the past two weeks, my system has slowed down
and has begun to stutter to a stop frequently.  When it does, the cursor
freezes and Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't work so I have to shut off with the power
button and then go through the blue screen and Scan Disk when I reboot.
Scan Disk has never found an error.  My resources have dropped to 52% so
I've been doing a lot of maintenance and trying to figure out what the
problem is.  Sometimes, I can hear the hard drive grinding away but I can't
see what it's doing.

I run Scan Disk periodically but it never seems to delete the temporary
internet files.  I also go in and manually delete selected cookies once in
awhile but they don't stay gone.  The next time I look, they're back.  Last
night, I was looking through the Windows files and discovered something odd
(in addition to finding that a lot of the files listed are empty).  In
particular, I looked at three folders:

This held a lot of cookies - no surprise.

C:\Windows\TEMP\Temporary Internet Files
          Content IE5

C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files
          Content IE5
                      Wd2n8x2j ***
                      X1779w1h ***

With the exception of the two I asterisked, every one of those letter&number
files contained a duplicate copy of the same thing - hundreds of cookies.
The other two contain 2.75MB (5,422 objects) of the same thing - many files
with two digit numbers starting with 1 and hundreds more that start with CA
followed by numbers and letters.  They all show 0 KB so appear to be empty.
There are also dozens of files with .jpg and .gif extensions that appear to
be from the Net and some text files that are from e-mails.  I don't know
what they're doing there so I left them alone.

I manually deleted all the cookie files.  I went back and looked at all
those files above and they were all empty (except the two I starred).  About
that time, the computer froze up.  After I rebooted, I went back and looked
at the files and they were all full of the same cookies again.

Here's where it gets really weird.  I deleted all the cookies again.  Then I
went to the Net and went to sites where I need passwords to see if my system
would find the cookies somewhere.  It didn't.  I had to reenter the
passwords.  Then I went back and looked at those "empty" files again and,
gasp, they now each had a duplicate copy of temporary internet files!  So I
ran Scan Disk again and told it to delete them - and this time it did.  BUT
all those files *now* have duplicate copies of the few cookies in

My daughter says I need an exorcist.  Can anyone suggest anything a little
less drastic?  I am completely baffled and also would like to free up the

Thank you for reading all this!


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