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Yes, that is correct.  You designate what percentage of the drive can be
used for system restore and that will dictate how many restore points
that Windows XP can maintain.  As the newest ones are created the older
ones drop off.  When you have System Restore active and monitoring a
drive, a restore point is automatically created every 24 hours, or when
XP detects a change.  XP is able to detect programs that are installed
using the Intellishield installer and the Windows XP installer so it
will create a restore point just prior to the installation software
actually making changes to your system.  That's the one thing to be
aware of, if one of the many other installers are used then a restore
point will not be created, but you can always fall back on the auto
system checkpoint that will be within 24 hours old.  If you attempt to
install an unsigned driver a restore point will be created, and of
course you can also manually create a restore point.  Most of the
restore points though are created automatically.  So, the best thing to
do is just activate it, set the drive space and let it work for you.
It's saved me several times.


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So What your saying Spider is that if  I don't use the restore points
for a long time, They will be deleted automatically without me doing


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> Yes they can be deleted, but obviously they will no longer be 
> available to use as a restore point.  The easiest way to manage system

> restore is to set the drive space to use at a manageable level and 
> they will auto delete as they age.  Do this in the System Properties 
> in Control Panel or right click my computer and go to Properties.  
> You'll see the system restore tab and settings.
> Spider

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