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  • Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 09:29:24 +1000


So What your saying Spider is that if  I don't use the restore points for a
long time, They will be deleted automatically without me doing anything?


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> Yes they can be deleted, but obviously they will no longer be available
> to use as a restore point.  The easiest way to manage system restore is
> to set the drive space to use at a manageable level and they will auto
> delete as they age.  Do this in the System Properties in Control Panel
> or right click my computer and go to Properties.  You'll see the system
> restore tab and settings.
> Spider
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> I've been experimenting with the system restore future in win xp. I
> created a restore point on my d:\ Drive were my documents are kept.
> After Restoring, Undoing, And creating restore points, Can they be
> deleted?
>  George

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