[24hoursupport] Re: Symantec and file access denied

  • From: "William B. Lurie" <billurie@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 18:33:19 -0500

Spider, they gave me the same instructions. It ends up with 3 pages
of what to do, and six plusses to click to open up six more pages, and I
printed them out, and followed the instructions......and the bottom line
is still that they told me, one-on-one and not via the printed instructions,
to delete the files. Which brings me back to my question.........

       Bill L.

Spider wrote:

>Go to http://www.symantec.com/techsupp/nsys/nsw_2004_se_tasks_component.html
>and enter the search term "manual uninstall". Look in the results for the
>one that applies to your OS and follow their instructions.
>After the search you should end up at:
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>I think this is a generic problem. I've tried getting it solved in a
>microsoft newsgroup without success. And Symantec is polite as all hell but
>refuse to solve it.
>I'm trying to uninstall Norton System Works completely.
>Symantec gives me tool after tool, and message after message, and finally
>there is this problem:
>Working in Windows XP, I have a folder c:\ProgramFiles\Common Files\Symantec
>Shared, and their instructions are to delete it.
>But when it starts to delete, it stops with an error message about "access
>denied". I'm alone on this system. It has no other user or administrator.
>I've tried it by starting in Safe Mode, and in Selective Start-up, loading
>nothing but System Services.
>Symantec is polite as all git-out, but from their Tech Support, which I
>believe is in India, they just never a clue as to how to get access to files
>on my own system. The files aren't hidden, I just need to get "delete"
>access to them.
>                   William B. Lurie

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