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First, check the cleaner software for an option to undo what you removed.
Use that if it exists.  If not, go to start / all programs / accessories /
system tools / and click on system restore.  Find a restore point just
before you installed the registry cleaner and use it to restore your system.
Registry cleaners are very dangerous if you do not know exactly what you are
removing.  I think I am ok in terms of experience with the registry, and I
hold my breath every time I use a registry cleaner, which is not very often.





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Hi all

On start-up I'm getting a registry error saying can not find svchost reg key
The file & the reg key not been remove. Yesturday I installed "glarysoft
registrycleaner" it found the problems with the svchost key but the key is
still in the registry.  I'm running win xp home.  Can anyone help.


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