[24hoursupport] Re: Stuck at the blue screen, help!

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  • Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 01:09:08 +0900

Thanks, Spider, for your prompt response! But the symptom seems not to be
what you predicted. Let me describe step by step of what happens:

Power on > in black screen with words asking to choose which OS to boot
which clock counting for 30", I choose Win2k > white bar crossing the bottom
of screen then > turn to the 1st Windows page with a counting blue
'multi-cube-bar', then > turn into the blue screen where small white wizard
with 'Windows starting...' and flash away > next small white wizard with
'local network connecting...' and flash away > next small white wizard with
'individul user longin...' and flash away, leaving a plain blue screen
without any word or what so ever and stuck there without developing any

Then I type CAD > to functional wizard appears, in which I click on the user
log out > a small white wizard appears showing 'a program is stoping...'
giving a choice to click for 'stop anyway' > no matter if I click the 'stop
anyway', the wizard stops and I have to click 'stop anyway', if I click it,
> a small white wizard appears asking me to type in 'user name and password,
if I type, the blue screen develops into the normal desktop screen and
everything becomes normal.


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> On the blue screen you should see it start with a message "Stop 0x..."
> Please post the stop code error.  In the first few lines of the screen
> you should also see a message that has underscores tying the words
> together.  Example: Page_Fault_in_non_paged_area".  Post that message as
> well.  You may or may not see a file name in that same area of the blue
> screen (not the area that lists a bunch of files).  If you see such a
> file name post that as well.  This information will help others on this
> list with something to research to tell you what might be causing the
> problem.
> Spider
> Largo, Florida 33771
> http://web.tampabay.rr.com/spider1
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> Since yesterday, the start of my Windows 2000pro (in dual boot) has
> become stuck at the blue screen, one step before loading up all desktop
> icons. I have to use CAD to log off and login again to get through. In
> fact, I did not set password then since i am the only user of this PC,
> and the stuck occurred before asking me the password. Thanks for any
> help!
> Ewen

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